April 2021 – update 

We hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there through this change to our normal routines. Sorry for the period of no communication, but basically there has been a lack of anything to say. 

Uncertainty regarding the level of Covid-19 restrictions that will be in place in San Francisco in October 2021, means that we can only confirm some details for Crash 3 at this time. 

 With the closure of the Metro in Oakland and the Uptown , we will be relocating and using a new venue this year, the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, on Sunday 10th October 2021. 

 As we enter April, there is a positive mood regarding vaccinations across the Country. It is looking increasingly likely California will allow venues to have live performances starting the 15th of June. 

 It appears that October 2021 we will be able to have the festival but not sure on restrictions if any . 

The vaccine situation in most of mainland Europe is behind the USA, it looks unlikely that bands from there will not be able to fly to the USA in time for Crash 3 this year.  

 The UK is doing well with vaccinations, and we are hopeful bands from there will be able to fly and be part of the 2021 festival. 

With the uncertainty of bringing European bands to the USA for October 2021, you have the choice of a refund for the 2020 ticket you purchased, or to keep the ticket for use in October 2022, as the European bands are confirmed to play October 8 and 9 2022 

 TICKETS - People who purchased a ticket(s) for the October 2020 Crash 3 festival , and expected to see Evil Conduct, Komintern Sect and Lions Law and Skinflicts then to have it postponed because of Covid 19 restrictions will be able to get a refund by requesting via email to or have the 2020 tickets have rolled over to 2022 and all European bands have confirmed for 2022 

For those loyal patrons to stick by us and decide to roll over their tickets for 2022 you will be allowed into this years event half the price of the ticket and will be contacted by email . 

 We are working hard behind the scenes to secure a great line up for Crash 3 2021. Inevitably they will mainly be North American bands with some from the UK ( Pending travel restrictions if any ) 

 By the end of May we hope to have more clarity and be able to announce the 2021 line up, start and end time for the festival, prices and when you will be able to purchase tickets. 

 We appreciate your continued support for our vision to bring you the best Punk & Oi bands from around the world via Crash Festivals. 

Regards and looking forward to seeing you in October this year. 

 Mike and Chris